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Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration Event

Jennifer Jiang, President and CEO of New Dream Fashion Media Group (NDFMG) held its “Chinese New Year Celebration Event at is Headquarters located at 2801, South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday January 30th, 2016.

The purpose of the event was to bring together the surrounding communities, predominantly, Asian and Hispanic to celebrate their rich cultures, music and dance together in friendship with happiness and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The New Dream Fashion Media Celebration presented internationally renowned artist Davood Roostaei and a number of professional American and International Artists to include the talented and well known Michael Jackson Impersonator, Michael Knight flown in from San Francisco and the Group “Fantasia” (Cuban Singer Yamile Carbonell and the well know Cuban Electric Violinist Marlon Dasoul) flew in from Miami for the event.

Asian and Hispanic communities delighted the audience with their performances sharing their culture, fashion, dance and music.  In addition a number of VIPs attended the event to include Judge Janiece Marshall and Tony Baca, Candidate for Nevada Assembly District 5. Other VIP guests included Miss Teen Nevada.

The event started around 2pm on stage with the hostesses Vicki (Zhang Yu) and Gemma (Wang Xiao Qin) and a speech by Jennifer Jiang (President & CEO, NDFMG) welcoming her friends in the different Asian and Hispanic Communities, various Hispanic and Asian Associations and the VIPs in attendance. Three of the famous Cryptorealism Paintings were brought to the stage and special guest star and artist Davood Roostaie was introduced to the audience.

Davood Roostaei is a contemporary international artist who is known as much for his revolutionary style of painting as he is for his eccentric personality and charitable efforts. Born in 1959 in Sarab, Iran, he descends from a royal family who reigned in the south of Persia for over a century. In his youth, he was greatly influenced by the landscape, culture, and political climate of Persia. He developed the foundation of his artistic talent by attending the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran. Roostaei’s artwork is internationally known, and he has received a multitude of awards for both his artistic achievements and his charitable efforts. He has additionally received an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Healing Arts from Wellbridge Barron University. He has written a book, “Davood Roostaei and the Manifesto of Cryptorealism”, about his life’s work. For more information, please visit Davood spoke about his love of the richness of the Asian Culture and China as well as his greatest desire to see harmony between all cultures which he reflects in his paintings drawn with his fingers and his heartfelt desire for world peace.  His speech was translated by Vicki (Zhang Yu) who also helped to choreograph the performances by the Asian dancers. Davood will be holding an Art Exhibition of his works to include a collection of the Michael Jackson family paintings and paintings of Mohammed Ali and his family. The Exhibition will be at 2801 South Valley View Boulevard, Studio 5, Las Vegas, in March 2016.

After this terrific show our local community Asian dancers performed the popular “Little Apple” dance.  You’ may have heard the song “Little Apple” a million times. The viral hit by the group Chopstick Brothers seems to be around every corner these days, and it’s definitely one of those songs that you just can’t get out of your head. Originally released as a promotional song for the film “Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon” the song took off thanks to its catchy lyrics and fun dance moves.It seems everyone in China is singing and dancing along to this song. Group dances are hugely popular in China, so it’s no wonder the choreographed moves of “Little Apple” are being practiced by millions around the country.

After this performance the star of the show Michael Knight, one of the top impersonators in the country for Michael Jackson, took the stage.  He performed “Thriller’ and “Billie Jean” for the audience and a special encore of “Smile”. His rendition of Jackson’s dance routine and voice to the songs mirrored Michael Jackson to a Tee, so well in fact that he evoked screams from the crowd of “I love you Michael”.  His performance was impeccable and certainly a highlight of the event. Michael Knight was recently honored with a Humanitarian award from the Magic Image Hollywood Magazine.  While Knight is honored to perform in tribute to Jackson, his primary passion lies in the joy that he brings to people who, at times, need an emotional uplifting experience. Michael’s work includes performances at: The Historic Elsinore Theatre, Nampa, Idaho Civic Center: Magic Image Hollywood’s Red Carpet Event; The Cache Creek Casino; The Celebrity Centre in Hollywood; Multiple venues in Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles as well as International performances in Mexico and Canada.

The Qi Poa Ladies Asian Group then took the stage and performed a graceful dance to the famous Chinese song and melody “Qi Ji”. The performers floated like water lilies across the stage lighting up the skies with the beautifully colored and elegantly designed Qi Pao silken dresses. As a traditional Chinese dress. Qipao is like a wonderful blossom in China’s bright-colored fashion scene. Because of its unique charm, many women wear it to show their special grace.  Most of the dresses are made of silk, and embroidered, with thick laces trimmed at the collar, sleeves and edges.Qipao characterize Chinese women’s modesty, softness and beauty, like Chinese women’s personality. Like many fashions, the beauty of Qipao stands away from others.  Qipao completely shows off a woman’s figure. Not only does it lay stress on the natural beauty of a female figure, but also makes women’s legs appear more slender. Mature women in Qipaos can display their graceful manner.  Today, Qipao is also the modern designer’s fashion icon.

The final performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year新年快乐 (Xīnnián kuàilè) brought traditional costumes and dresses from China to the stage.  The Happy New Year Song (Gongxi Ni Facai) began to play and Vickie (Zhang Yu) began to dance like a butterfly floating through the air, her smile lighting up the stage.  Jennifer Jiang, CEO of New Dream Fashion Media Group made a special appearance on stage and danced during this performance.  Jennifer Jiang and all performers wished Happy New Year to all Chinese people around the world. The entire performance was joyful and uplifting and the perfect way to end the stage performances for the day.

The event was recorded for TV and photographed by the New Dream Fashion Media Group “Core 4 Photographers” Terry Giordano, Richard Anber, Herb Cintron and Eric Laskin.Terry Giordano is the Chief Photographer for New Dream Fashion Media Group and Studio 5 and leader of the “Core 4 photographers” He is a native Las Vegan and started his photographic career in his teens with Cashman Enterprises and worked in photography at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.In 2009 he joined forces with some of the best photographers in Nevada and Arizona; Herb Cintron, Mack Jones (Richard Anber), Bill Dooling (Arizona),  O’D, Jim Smith, Eric Laskin, Vania Lynd and later formed what we know today as the New Dream Fashion Media Group “Core 4 Photographers”.  They have covered numerous events to include the Brazil Fashion Show; Combat Con; Coghill Fashion Show; Blue Party Fashion Show at the World Trade Center; Dragon Ridge Fashion Show; Runway Rhythm Fashion Show; Dragon Ridge New Year’s Eve Party; Lake Mead, in water, fashion shoot; Chef Carla Pellegrino; and many other major events and numerous model and product shoots. Alawala Subuthi, President of the Nevada Buddist Vihara gave a blessing for the event and wished a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful Chinese New Year to all, which officially occurs on February 8, 2016 and will be the “Year of the Fire Monkey”.  Following the blessing, delicious Chinese food and drink was provided. Mr702, Guido Mantilla conducted a number of interviews with some of the performers on

This perfect event brought everyone in the community together for Music, Dance, Friendship and Happiness

PIC23New Dream Fashion Media Group’s mission is to become a primary resource for models, aspiring actors and talent and a facilitator in the modeling and acting communities in California and Nevada. Creating a resource utilized by all in the entertainment industry, from models, actors, talent, to clients, to agents, to casting companies.

We are dedicated to the creation and demonstration of a corporate concept of linked prosperity and success as a whole for the company, our business associates, clients and our talent.

Today, we are recruiting and training young models, aspiring actors, and talent, while also working closely with the Chinese and local television networks, advertising agencies, fashion shows and events in Las Vegas and major cities in the US and abroad.  We take time to develop and train our talent through a series of workshops and classes and only send the ones qualified to meet the needs of our clients’ projects for shows and product promotion.  We represent actors and models of all ages and look for ways to advance their careers in the entertainment and fashion industry. Our next workshop is in February. Click here for more information on the workshop



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