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Agency Partnerships

New Dream Fashion Media Group sponsors local, national and international fashion shows and competitions and provides opportunities for international models to work in America and US-based models opportunities to work overseas.  Located in Las Vegas with offices in Beijing, London, Rome, and Paris our mission is to train models to European Standards for our and our client’s corporate events and fashion shows. Our mission is to make everyone a winner, the model, the photographer, the designer, the actor, the talent, the model agencies, and the clients.

Modeling agencies meet a variety of client requirements which includes models and actors of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and looks.  No agency is able to meet 100% of their clients requirements without support and we are no different.  As a result we encourage and support working with other agencies to meet  clients’ requirements and their events. In Las Vegas, models are not bound under contract exclusively to one agency or another; however as the convention capital for the United States requirements for models are often and for all types of requirements ranging from booth attendants and street marketing efforts to hostess events and/or assist in promoting new fashion designs and products, or participate in runway shows, galas and private events. 

business-partnerships-shaking-hands-6524449With this constant demand, we find we are often contacting our partner model agencies for models and that our partners contact us when they need talent, actors or models as well. This way and most importantly our and the other agencies clients’ requirements are met, ensuring repeat business to the client agency and for those other agencies that helped support the effort and ultimate success of customer satisfaction. With these working relationships in place everyone is a winner. We are dedicated to the creation and demonstration of a corporate concept of linked prosperity and success as a whole for the company, our business associates, clients and our talent.

Today, we continue to working closely with the Chinese and local television networks, advertising agencies, fashion shows and events in Las Vegas and major cities in the US and abroad.  It takes take time to develop and train our models, actors and talent through a series of workshops and classes and then send the ones qualified to meet the needs of our clients’ projects for shows and product promotions; which is why we need on occasion to reach out to our sister agencies for support as they do to us. If you would like more information on how to become a Sister Agency, or more information on agency partnerships please contact Jennifer or John at 703-473-9596 or email us at .